Adopted January 2020

We believe in the fundamental humanity and value of all people, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity and expression, religious identity, socio-economic status, mental and physical ability, or immigration status. As a priesthood of all believers, we welcome anyone who shares our commitment to living out the radical peace and justice demonstrated by the life of Jesus to engage fully in our congregational life.

We are committed to 

  • Educating ourselves about the obstacles and challenges faced by those who do not look like us, live like us, love like us, think like us, or worship like us
  • Interrogating the structures of power that have marginalized and oppressed women, people of color, native peoples, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, trans people (binary and nonbinary), undocumented people, poor people, and victims of religous persecution of all faiths, creeds, or non-beliefs
  • Asking ourselves difficult questions regarding our complicity in systems of power that hurt and oppress others
  • Leveraging our privileges to support the work of justice for these historically oppressed groups both in our local community and around the world

The Welcoming Project